Tying It All Together

A campaign is an activity designed to promote sales opportunities within your business. You can run as many campaigns as you like and each campaign can consist of many promotions. Each promotion can, in turn, have linked emails driving prospects to XLRNT landing pages or specific pages on your corporate web site. As people click through your emails, so they create warm leads for your sales team to follow up as well as activating auto responders, if required. Various reports also allow you to see exactly how successful your eMail campaign has been as well as how successful individuals promotions within a campaign have been.

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An Example Campaign

Let's suppose you want to run a new sales campaign, say to sell travel insurance, with a special offer to your target market - the over 55’s age group - using some of your existing data of car insurance clients, as well as some new data you’ve “bought in” of purely raw data, from the electoral role. With XLRNT, you can select the existing clients, based on your criteria and drop the data into a new Campaign. You can then add in your newly acquired data, filtering out data that matches existing clients. Once you have aggregated these contacts you can then send a chain of sales oriented emails to them. Maybe with 3 days between each email. Once a contact has "clicked through" they will then be turned into a warm lead, your sales team informed of the interest, and further cold emails will be stopped. You can also send out further emails based on the warmth of leads within an existing campaign. Maybe send a once-only offer to all remaining cold leads, or a "Thank You For Your Interest" note to anyone that has clicked through but didn't convert into a sale.

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