Your Booking Hub

Being Web based, XLRNT enables your business, remote employees, and third party telephone answering services to have the same “views” of bookings in graphical form. No matter who took the booking, it could be seen instantly by anyone.

XLRNT uses the idea of resources for its booking system. Resources are anything that can be booked out, be that people, places or things and resource lists are fully configurable by your company. You can choose exactly who or what you want to see and how you want to see them and rotas can be added to ensure that resources can only be booked when available.

Users can quickly click on empty time slots to quickly book out that resource and complex views can be saved and recalled at any time. Different booking types allow for different resource lists and booking rules. You can locate previous customers or enter new contact details quickly and efficiently. XLRNT also highlights partial or over allocated bookings as well as finding tasks or bookings that have also booked that resource out during that time period. A suite of booking reports complete the package.